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You may browse local newspapers and the yellow pages, check community centers and telemarketing firms, use online job banks and employment agencies, and more. According to statistics, recommendations from friends or family make up roughly 35% of successful searches. Next to it, recruitment companies operate as neutral intermediaries between employers and candidates.


Best Placement Services For Employers in Chandigarh guarantee both individuals and businesses the greatest talent and fantastic future chances. However, the performance of recruiters is scarcely seen as satisfactory by either companies or applicants. Employers must sift through applicants who are well prepared to answer interview questions but lack the necessary professional or personal qualities to fit the post despite receiving hundreds of calls from agencies seeking information on open openings.


Contrarily, applicants send their resumes to several agencies, participate in interviews, and then wait for a call from a recruiter that never comes. Sometimes most positions advertised on the agency’s employment board turn out to be only instances of potential choices or even nonexistent.


You should seek a recruiting agency that you believe is a good fit for you if you are looking for work and considering hiring one. You can trust srrecruiters. It is an extremely competitive industry because headhunters’ fees, which typically range from 20 to 35 percent of an employee’s first-year compensation and are opaque, are quite high. About the organization you must learn as much as you can.


  • How long has the hiring company been in operation? Perhaps it has not established a reputation among employers yet because it only debuted a half-year ago. Our team has long-term expertise.
  • Is there any proof that the agency performs better than others? You can check through our reputed clients and testimonial about us.
  • Does the agency include positions in your field of expertise? 
  • Attempt to confirm that these positions are real.
  • Can it evaluate your abilities and forecast your future? 
  • How did you feel about the agency staff? Did they continue to consume coffee or did they show any interest in you? Do they appear to be competent? We own a team of very competent staff.
  • What are the policies of the organization? The tricky part of any agreement is frequently described in the tiny print and you must read it carefully.


Make sure you don’t spend your time working with several agencies. Try to identify the Best Placement Services For Employers in Chandigarh who are the best fit for you, and put your faith in experienced job seekers.