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 Initiate action to comply with the Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 requirements and the Company’s policies.
 Identify and record any Safety and Environment related problem and non conformance & inform to the Env & Safety
 Initiate recommend or provide solutions to problems, corrective and preventive actions through designated channels.
 Verify implementation of such solutions
 Control further activities until any Safety management deficiency or activity is corrected.
 Act in emergency situations.
 Implement and record changes in documented procedures resulting from corrective and preventive actions.
 He is responsible for issuing the plant organization structure to effect and inform new changes as approved by the
 Conducting and documenting an initial assessment of the workplace to identify and evaluate environmental and worker safety
risks from the handling, storage, use and disposal of compressed gases, and the controls used to mitigate those risks.
 Implement procedures to identify the contents and associated hazards of compressed gas cylinders, storage vessels and piping,
in compliance with the Company’s Managing Hazardous Materials Requirements.
 Ensure that employees and other affected personnel are adequately trained to understand the hazards of, and implement
necessary controls for, compressed gases and associated storage containers, equipment and systems, to which they may be
 Zero number of Nonconformance with legal or internal standards in inspections.
 All the training has been completed as per the training calendar.
 100 % compliance of associated workers (Concern operators, & maintenance crew) to which they may be exposed.

Safety CULTURE :
 Communication of Goal and Objective to all team members .
 Training and people development .
 Review and stop of any QSE Non confirming behavior .
 LSR/CTA actions implementation.

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