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Quality – Safety – Environment (QSE) Manager

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Handling QSE Team :
Responsible to develop and implement the QMS, FSSC, OSH, EMS Systems standards compliance & TCCC – KORE for
its effective implementation, established, maintained, and updated and report to top management on the effectiveness and
 Overall responsibility for all quality control and assurance activities in the plant.
 Direct responsibility for monitoring of the plant PI rating.
 Core team member (QFS, EOSH, IMCR, FSMS, Problem Solving Methodologies, QSE Culture & BBS)
 Overall responsibility for implementing and reviewing a QSE system that includes the elements.
 Customer and consumer feedback
 Clearly defined responsibilities.
 Trained and experiences personnel.
 Documentation, document control and record keeping.
 Monitoring and control.
 Maintenance and calibration of lab equipment’s.
 Internal auditing and corrective action.
 Analytical skill of lab personnel.
 Direct responsibility for selection, coaching feedback and development of Quality Control and Quality assurance personnel.
 Direct responsibility to document, implement and monitor a quality assurance system in accordance with the KORE & CCI
quality system norms.
 Direct responsibility for developing an environmental assessment and accountability program and implement in coordination
with local regulatory authorities along with legal manager.
 Direct responsibility for implementation of an effective internal audit program.
Direct responsibility for implementation of ISO System which includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 , ISO 45001 & FSSC
 Handling FSMS Team
 Direct Responsibility of Maintenance of Clean and Hygienic condition of all processing areas & processing equipment.
 Direct responsibility to monitor Personnel Hygiene practices in the bottling hall.
 Ensuring proper control of CCP, OPRP & PRP’S.
 Internal auditor (QMS & EMS)
 Part of Core team member (QMS, EMS, Problem Solving Methodologies)
 Responsible for supporting in the implementation and improvement of PI Score Card
 Responsibility for all implementing and reviewing a quality system that includes the elements.
 Clearly defined responsibilities.
 Trained and experienced personnel.
 Directly responsible to implement and Review the BBS and QSE Culture.
 Communication of Goal and Objective to all team members.

QSE Head
 Training and people development.
 Review and stop of any QSE Non confirming behavior.
 R&R Implementation across all section.
 Promote employees to report Behaviors Based Safety Observation.
Life Saving Rule:
 Apply Life Saving Rule in Daily activity such as
 Think Smart before you Start,
 See, say, Do Something.
 Right Skill for the Task.
 Work At Height.
 Confined Space.
 Safe Equipment.
 Work Permit,
 Contractor Safety.
 Hazardous Chemical.
 Hot work
 Safe Zone
 Forklift/ lift Trucks
 Safe Work Energized System
Promote personnel / associate for STOP WORK AUTHORITY in case of any non-conformance observed.
Call To Action:
 Overall responsible to support in implementation and awareness among all associates.
 Review the implementation of Call to Action and their awareness through various program on periodical basis.

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