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Job Description
We are looking for someone who is an expert in UI design, UX design, and front-end development to
join our growing company. You will be a natural at understanding human-computer interaction
design (HCID), in coming up with elegant solutions to improve our application, and in developing on
ReactJS, bootstrap, .Net Core.

 Conduct research and deconstruct our users’ digital interactions and habits.
 Come up with UI and UX strategies based on our target goals.
 Create and maintain digital assets, such as interface design files, wireframes, and
interactive mockups.
 Design, build, and maintain highly reusable JavaScript, HTML and CSS code.
 Understand the limitations of our tech stack and business model and provide technical
advice wherever necessary.

 4+ years’ experience as a front-end developer.
 4+ years’ experience as a UI/UX designer.
 A portfolio that demonstrates both JavaScript proficiency and understanding of SOLID
design principles (plugins, node packages, etc.).
 Expert knowledge of CSS, CSS extension languages (Less, Sass), and CSS preprocessor
 Expert knowledge of HTML5 and its best practices.
 Proficiency in designing interfaces and building clickable prototypes.
 A history of deconstructing user behavior to create an improved experience for users,
showcased in the form of blog posts, articles, screencasts, etc.
 Proficiency using Git version control.
 Proficiency using the command line.

To apply for this job email your details to support@srrecruiters.in